Smart Electronic Apartments Door Locks

The smart electronic apartment door locks are a kind of smart locks, mainly used in hotel-style apartment buildings, vacation apartments, short-term rental property, Airbnb, vacation rental, and home.

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How to Choose the right apartment door locks?

Do you want to install smart locks for your apartment, vacation rental or to improve the efficiency of apartment management?
Or, do you want to rent your apartment or rental property more convenient and safer?

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If so, then the following content will give you a detailed introduction on how to choose suitable apartment door locks.

After a detailed understanding of the common apartment door locks types and their features, you will know very clearly how to choose suitable apartment door locks.

Do apartments need smart door locks?

As more and more apartment rental and use requirements have grown in the past two years, apartment managers began to seek to manage thousands of apartment rooms with a minimum workforce and time.

The smart apartment electronic door locks can realize remote control of housekeeping affairs. The apartment manager can reduce the housekeeper's manual participation in operation adopt centralized and real-time control of the access rights, room status, and other information of each apartment room, strengthening the living Customer interaction.

Compared with the traditional hotel industry, the apartment industry has a higher demand for smart apartment door locks.

The following is a set of data in the operation and management of apartments:

  • 38% of users have forgotten the apartment door lock's key and locked out of apartment.
  • 5% of the complaints are because the household is locked out of apartment at night.
  • 20% of the housekeeper’s job is rent collection.

Why Do You Need Apartment Door Locks?

Good apartment door locks can use smart door locks as a node, replacing mechanical keys with electronic keys, liberating apartment managers from the limitations of managing housing through traditional keys;

You no longer need to pay maintenance staff overtime to help residents enter their units after they get off work. Reduce the total working time of the maintenance team.

Why Do You Need Apartment Door Locks - Apartment Door Locks

Over time, after offsetting the equipment's initial cost, it can also save the person-hours required to handle the phone, manage keys, and produce keys.

By implanting an apartment keyless entry system, standardized and intelligent public rental houses and brand apartments can be realized.

The smart apartment keyless entry system solution includes a door lock system and access control system. Through the intelligent apartment keyless entry system, the operator can improve work efficiency and reduce labor and time costs.

For tenants, the smart apartment keyless entry system also brings them a safer, more convenient, and fashionable living environment.

Advantages of Apartment Door Locks:

1. Send electronic keys remotely to save labor costs for house inspections

The regional decentralization of public rental housing and branded apartments has made the operators unable to manage in clusters, and tenant inspections have become a significant problem. The smart apartment door locks solution can remotely send the electronic key when the tenant sees the room, saving many workforces.

2. The lease expires, delete the key

The residents of public rental housing and branded apartments are often highly mobile. Whenever they change tenants, they always need to go through the two steps of key recovery and re-issuing. There is also concern about whether the tenant will secretly copy the key.

With the smart apartment door lock system solution, as long as the electronic key sent to the tenant is deleted on the date of expiration of the lease, the electronic key can be sent to the new tenant again.

3. Improve convenience and realize intelligent management.

In the middle of the night, running to open the door to a tenant who forgot to bring the key, the operator must have encountered a similar situation.

With the apartment door lock system, even if you forget your mobile phone, the system can send a time-limited password to the tenant, avoiding the hassle of manually sending keys.

4. The staff will come to the door, and the key will be sent within a limited time

Maintenance and cleaning of public areas in public rental houses and branded apartments are generally third-party staff hired by the operator.

A time-limited key and password can be sent through the apartment door lock system, allowing staff to enter the corresponding work area and prevent other people from entering.

Types of apartment locks

The apartment door lock types include electronic keypad apartment locks, Bluetooth apartment door locks, fingerprint apartment door locks, and wifi apartment door locks.

1. Electronic keyboard apartment door lock

The electronic keyboard apartment door lock is a smart lock that opens the door by entering a password through an electronic keyboard.

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Compared with traditional locking mechanisms, choosing this type of keyless keypad apartment lock has many advantages.

1, The convenience of a keyless system

Keypad apartment locks eliminate the need for keystrokes. When keys are stolen or misplaced, there is no need to carry them with you, keep track of copies and spare parts, or change the lock. You can give a friend a temporary code instead of a secret key.

In most cases, these keyless entry apartment locks are battery-powered, eliminating the cost and trouble of wiring to the door and preventing access problems caused by power failure.

2, Higher security

The keyboard apartment lock has a different hardware design from other types of locks. They do not have a cylindrical mechanism, so basically, they cannot be picked up or touched like traditional locks. This can make the building safer. Using the keyboard system, you can easily change the security password when needed.

3, Enhanced durability

Traditional keys and locks wear out over time; it becomes more challenging to make them turn and function properly. The keyboard apartment security lock is more durable than conventional locks. High-quality locks and keyboard devices should last longer when using standard hardware.

4, Easy installation

Keyboards and other types of electronic apartment door locks are usually easy to install and maintain. They can even be refurbished, so you can quickly upgrade from traditional mechanical doors without causing interference. Provide mechanical and battery-powered keyboard locks; no need to connect to a power source.

5, Better access control

Apartments with higher security requirements need an access control system to meet the building's specific needs and users. Keyless entry usually plays a significant role in this regard. Mechanical keys may be lost, stolen, or copied, but the password can prevent this risk.

Keypad apartment locks are generally used independently and cannot be connected to mobile apps, networks, etc. Suitable for a single apartment room or few apartment rooms.

2. Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Apartment Door Lock

Verify user identity through pre-registered biometrics. Then use fingerprints, iris, etc., to open the apartment lock.

Suitable for more advanced and safe apartments.

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Advantages of fingerprint apartment door lock

1. Independent information management

Manage all user information, add/modify/delete user information for free. As long as the biometric data can be programmed into the system, the biometric fingerprint door locks for apartment buildings can be easily programmed. Individuals inside and outside the home can operate it.

2. Anti-dismantling alarm function

When the normal open is severely damaged, or the door lock slightly deviates, an intense alarm will be issued immediately, attracting attention and effectively preventing thieves' illegal behavior. For more complex user environments, this feature is more useful.

3. Virtual password

You can add multiple groups or groups of garbled codes before and after the correct password; as long as there are consecutive passwords in the data group, the fingerprint electronic locks for apartments can be opened.

4. No worries

Once installed, homeowners will realize that they no longer need to use the key again. You no longer need to be locked out of apartment building, and you don’t have to worry about losing your keys, just fingerprints.

5. safety

The traditional lock system has many loopholes. One of the main facts is that the key is easy to copy. Since fingerprints are unique, almost no one can use a biometric lock to break into your residence.

The fingerprint door is automatically locked when closed, so you need to reopen the fingerprint scan. No longer need to forget to lock the door or the trouble of intruders.

Disadvantages: the price is high. Fingerprints are easily affected, and the door cannot be opened.

But generally, fingerprint locks are equipped with corresponding password keyboards, and you can use the password as a backup way to open the door.

3. Cloud WIFI apartment lock

Verify user identity through cloud application system and control door lock remotely.

As long as your phone has a good WiFi connection, you can unlock the door from anywhere in the world.

WiFi smart electronic locks for apartments can provide a real-time alarm when your lock is activated or unlocked. When parents or relatives, and friends visit, and they are not at home, use this function to remotely control the door lock to allow them to enter the door.

The WiFi smart keyless door locks for apartments allows you to send digital keys to people, and you can set the exact parameters for time-based access for these digital keys.

This means that you can program the buttons to work only at specific times, which is very convenient, allowing only workers, delivery men, guests, or housekeepers to work at particular times.

Disadvantages: Affected by the WIFI network, it must be ensured that the WIFI can always work typically. Otherwise, the WIFI cannot be used for remote operation. However, WIFI is a separate base station, and it needs to be connected to the network for a long time.

4. Bluetooth apartment door lock with mobile app

The Bluetooth smart lock for apartment buildings is a smart lock that can open the apartment lock through the mobile APP and Bluetooth after the lock is connected to the mobile phone's Bluetooth.

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Corresponding mobile apps generally accompany Bluetooth locks.

The application of Bluetooth function in smart locks is efficient and extensive. Connecting smart locks with mobile phones through Bluetooth can realize the setting and management of intelligent locks and realize mobile APP Bluetooth unlocking.

The biggest advantage of the Bluetooth apartment door lock is that you can use the mobile phone APP to open the door with a password or Bluetooth key anytime and anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a smart lock in an apartment?

Of course you can, The smart locks can realize remote control of housekeeping affairs. The apartment manager can reduce the housekeeper's manual participation in operation adopt centralized and real-time control of the access rights, room status, and other information of each apartment room, strengthening the living Customer interaction.

How can I make my apartment more secure?

Here are some tips for making for an apartment more secure:

1, Choosing the most secured smart door lock for your apartments.

2, Add a strike box on your door frame.

3, Use steel doors instead of wooden doors.

4, Use sports lights or adequate lighting at the entrance of the apartment.

5, Use the tempered glass on the windows next to the apartment entrance.

6, Installing a camera at the entrance of the apartment.

How can I lock my apartment door without a key?

We recommend using smart apartment door locks so that you never have to worry about losing your keys and being locked outside apartment. This way not only does not need a key, but you can also open the door with a password, RFID card, and fingerprints.

How do you secure a apartment door from the inside?

In addition to using the conventional door lock device, we recommend using a door brace to make the apartment door safer from the inside.

The door brace can prevent the door from being forcibly opened, and even after the key is used to open the door, the door cannot be opened. The harder the door is, the harder it is to open the door.

How much does it cost when changing locks on apartment?

Generally speaking, the cost of changing apartment locks depends on the type of apartment you change. In addition to the cost of the apartment lock itself, you also have to consider labor costs, installation costs, etc.

The cost to change locks on apartment doors is about $100-$200 per lock.

What happens if smart appartment door lock battery die?

If your smart apartment door lock battery dies, here are some tips for you:

1, Use The Mechanical Keys: Most hotel RFID keyless door locks are equipped with a traditional mechanical key to open the door if the hotel lock cannot be opened when the hotel door lock battery dead.

2, Use Mobile Power Bank: Some more advanced hotel locks or Bluetooth apartment door locks will be equipped with a USB interface. If the smart lock battery is dead at this time, you can use the mobile power bank to re-power the hotel lock through this USB port, and then you can open the door.

3, Replace The Battery: Due to the hotel keyless door locks' unique structure, the battery compartment is generally designed inside the door. Now you need to finish keyless door lock battery replacement work from inside the door.

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