How to Choose RFID Key Card Door Locks for Hotel Rooms?

How to choose a suitable RFID Key card door locks for hotel rooms to bring maximum benefits and protect your hotel? There are various types of smart electronic door locks available for hotels, such as IC card locks, TM card locks, Temic card locks, and Mifare card locks from the current market perspective.

The hotel can choose the right suitable electronic door lock that suits its characteristics and positioning. From the perspective of the hotel, the following factors need to be considered.

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Choose key card door locks for hotel rooms based on the card type.

At present, there are many types of cards used for hotel rooms door locks. For Example, IC cards, TM cards, Temic cards, and Mifare cards. Hotels need to combine their characteristics and refer to the following comparison table to choose the most suitable door locks for hotel rooms.

Card Type

IC Card door locks for hotel roomsTM Card door locks for hotel roomsTemic Card door locks for hotel roomsMifare Card door locks for hotel rooms

Ease of Use

GoodGoodVery GoodVery Good



Reuse rate




Abrasion resistance



The cost of door locksMiddleLowMiddle


Maintenance costMiddleLowMiddle


"One Card System" scalabilityOrdinaryOrdinaryOrdinary


Best Use OccasionSuitable for card reused mid-sized hotels or low-end indoor hotelsIdeal for a variety of harsh environments, mostly outdoor hotels and budget hotels with heavy salt and water in villas and seasideIdeal for card reused mid-range or mid-range hotels

Suitable for mid-to-high-end hotels or large-scale intelligent hotels that need to implement the "One Card System" function truly

Choose RFID door locks for hotel rooms based on the hotel's environment.

Depending on the hotel's natural geographical situation, the type of key card door locks for hotel rooms is different.
Due to the humid environment, heavy salt, and strong corrosiveness of seaside hotels, hotels need to consider installing nanometer-treated hotel door locks on the surface.

The circuit boards in the door locks must be moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment. The clutch motor part must be modular and fully enclosed. Only in this environment, the door lock can have a long service life.

Choose card key door locks for hotel rooms according to the hotel lock panel material.

The common materials used for hotel room locks are stainless steel, zinc alloy, surface acrylic, and aluminum alloy. The stainless steel and zinc alloy are mostly utilized in Hotel door locks!

A. Zinc alloy hotel lock panel:

The texture of this material is relatively soft compared to stainless steel, and it is easy to forge and process. The Zinc alloy can be freely designed, and production difficulty is small, so the high-end, luxurious, and stylish hotel door lock shapes you see are forged with zinc. However, the zinc alloy material is less rust-proof than stainless steel, and it is easy to be damaged by the sharp external shock and external force. Therefore, the zinc alloy hotel lock needs to be surface treated after casting to avoid all the above. Defect.

ShineACS Locks zinc alloy door locks for hotel rooms  - How to Choose RFID Key Card Door Locks for Hotel Rooms?

ShineACS Locks Zinc Alloy Door Locks for Hotel Rooms 

B. Stainless steel lock panel:

The stainless steel key card locks for hotel rooms panel can be said to be relatively sturdy. We should be able to understand its advantages. The anti-corrosion performance is absolute, and the benefit of anti-violence is distinct. Especially in the current hotel, door locks, anti-prying, anti-drilling, fire prevention, saws, and other performance are outstanding.

These advantages of stainless steel hotel lock that make it the most challenging product. It is not easy to shape appearance. It has little freedom in the design space. Generally, the locks you see in the hotel lock market have a straightforward presentation. There are a few tricks, which is a bit ugly, but it is sturdy. For those who like low-key, you can still consider buying stainless steel.

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ShineACS Locks Stainless Steel Door Locks for Hotel Rooms 

C. Aluminum alloy panel:

Because of its soft texture and low strength, the aluminum alloy panel is more robust than plastic, so it is not recommended.

Choose RFID card door locks for hotel rooms based on the system function.

The locks' primary features for hotel room doors mainly include safety, stability, overall service life, and hotel lock management system functions.

A. Security:

The user should look at the structural hotel lock design. Because the electronic hotel door lock is not safe, its mechanical structure plays a significant role, especially the lock core technology and the clutch motor technology.

B. Stability:

Imagine that the hotel door cannot be opened when it should be opened, and the door cannot be closed when it should be closed. The consequences of using such a hotel RFID door lock are unimaginable.

Generally, several main factors affect hotel electronic door locks' stability: the mechanical structure's stability, especially the lock core mechanical structure and the clutch structure. The other is the stability of the motor's working state, which mainly examines whether an RFID electronic door lock particular motor is used; The third is the stability and anti-interference of the logic circuit part, which primarily looks at whether there is a protection circuit design.

C. Overall service life:

The ten-year overall service life design of the electronic RFID card door lock is necessary for meeting the hotel's pursuit of long-term economic benefits. The life of the lock is mainly determined by its material and manufacturing process. Different materials of hotel locks have different experiences.

D. Hotel door lock management system function:

For the hotel, the hotel lock management software should conform to the hotel's standard management. The door lock system's management function should not only be convenient for the guests but also improve the hotel's overall management level. Therefore, electronic door locks are best equipped with the following comprehensive hotel management functions:

  • With hierarchical management function, after setting the door lock, different levels of open door cards will automatically take effect;
  • Time-limited function for all key cards;
  • With the powerful and complete door opening record function; mechanical key unlock record function;
  • The software system runs stably and reliably, with extensive data capacity and low maintenance cost, which can well solve the technical interface of the "One Card" system;
  • Mechanical key emergency unlock function; emergency card escape setting function;
  • With anti-plug automatic alarm function;
  • It has the features of management of elevator controller, control of the power-saving switch, and management of access door locks;
  • There is a function of setting ordinarily open and normally closed for the convenience of meeting affairs.
  • The door lock system's extended features include managing hotel staff offices, public channels, dedicated channels, and interfaces with other hotel systems.
  • One-card function: The same smart card can be used to expand door locks, telephones, attendance, CCTV charging, dining, entertainment, consumption, parking, and other management functions, mainly to provide solutions for hotel card implementation.

The above are the issues we need to pay attention to when choosing door locks for hotel rooms. You can choose the right lock according to your own needs. Of course, from the hotel lock sales market, zinc alloy hotel locks still account for most of them because of their solidity.

It can always be trusted, at least more substantial than your room door material, and beautiful in shape, and deeply loved by users, while stainless steel hotel locks are relatively few, and some users even install it outdoors because of its outstanding rust resistance, but also Not afraid of the sun.

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