Buy Smart Lock? Top 20 Smart Door Locks Question Need to Ask

As an important part of the smart home, smart door locks' development has become more and more popular and has attracted many people's attention. Many people expect to use smart door locks to bring safer and more convenient services to their homes and private spaces.

But they are very entangled when ready to buy smart locks. To help more people in need, we have compiled the following top 20 questions to ask before buying smart door locks to help you better understand smart entry locks and choose smart entry door locks.

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1. What are smart locks?

The smart lock definition is: "a door lock that electronically recognizes and processes human biometric information, electronic information, network communication information, etc., on the body and controls the mechanical actuator to open and close" is called an electronic smart door lock.

Another popular understanding, a smart door lock is a brand-new lock category that combines electronic information technology and mechanical technology.

It is upgraded and improved based on traditional mechanical locks and is more intelligent and convenient in user identification and management safety.

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2. What are the smart lock features?

The smart door lock provides a better consumer experience to solve users' convenience and intelligence levels better.

The use functions include biometric unlocking function (fingerprint, face, finger vein, etc.), password unlocking Functions, card open function, smart home, Internet, emergency, and other functions suitable for different consumer groups great convenience to users.

3. Are smart door locks worth it?

The smart door lock industry has experienced nearly 20 years of development and has entered a mature period. It has the genes for branding, high quality, convenience, and intellectual development. From the beginning of its development, it has been geared towards satisfying people's desire for a better life.

Directional development, especially to solve people's various troubles about using keys and provide a wealth of functions to use, bringing excellent safety and convenience to home life.

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4.What are the advantages of smart locks?

Smart door locks for home have a variety of changes to life, which boil down to the following significant advantages:

The first is to solve the problem of proactive security. Traditional door locks rely only on passive protection of keys. Smart door locks have the unique characteristics of electronic information to provide active protection, such as active alarms, video, audio transmission, etc. It is immensely optimized to meet people's safety needs;

The second is convenience. Smart house locks allow users to get rid of the key during use. The human body's biological characteristics and passwords become unlocking tools. Users no longer have to worry about the risk of losing the key, matching the key, or going out again. Take the key and free the trouble of the key.

The third is intelligence. Smart house locks have an intelligent gene at the beginning of their development. With the rapid growth of smart homes and IoT industries in recent years, smart house lockss have more smart functions, such as APP control and unlocking. Time, duration, linkage with other smart home products, and a series of intelligent uses.

Realize the connection with smart homes, other security products, or smart hardware to form an intelligent ecology, which significantly meets users' needs.

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5. Do I need to buy smart lock?

The smart door lock is an upgraded product of mechanical door locks. It is a new thing under the wave of intelligent development. The use of smart front doors improves users' quality of life, facilitates users' use, and improves intelligence in use.

It is the right product that can improve people's living standards, and it is a "just-needed" product when it is intelligent. It is recommended that users with conditions of use buy smart locks according to their needs.

6. Can the quality of smart door locks be trusted?

There are national standards for smart front doors and industry standards, and group standards set.

As long as the quality of smart front doors that strictly implement the standards is trustworthy.

At the same time, brand smart lock manufacturers attach great importance to product quality and have a strict and complete production control system and quality management mechanism.

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The smart door lock products have passed the relevant national standards and the products delivered are trustworthy.

7. Are fingerprint locks safe?

The fingerprint is one of the biological characteristics of the human body. It is one of the few large-scale identification types used in actual product applications. Fingerprints are also unique among the physical elements.

They are only possible to overlap in theory, with a probability of 150 One in a billion, which means that the world's population does not coincide. The current fingerprint recognition algorithm software has been developed for nearly two decades.

Fingerprint smart door locks are already a mature industry, and their security is guaranteed. From the perspective of security recognition, smart door lock fingerprint recognition is safe, and there will be no two fingerprints the same.

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Simultaneously, for misrecognition (false recognition rate) and rejection recognition (rejection rate), the country also has relevant national standards, industry standards, and group standards for smart door locks. As long as companies produce by the standards, product safety is also trustable.

8. Can a fingerprint be copied when using a fingerprint smart door lock?

Fingerprints are not easy to be copied. At present, many institutions and units claim that fingerprints can be reproduced with a small piece of material. It is not objective. In regular use, with a little attention, fingerprints cannot be copied.

Suppose you want the fingerprint to be copied. In that case, the premise is that the fingerprint is handed over to the copying party for multiple copies under the premises' initiative, willingness, and cooperation. It is only possible to succeed. This is a very complicated technical principle.

It is not a simple question of replication. Therefore, fingerprints left on items that are easy to leave fingerprint residues, such as water cups and teacups, are impossible to be copied as complete fingerprints.

Simultaneously, the current mainstream algorithm software used in smart door locks has also been upgraded to a new generation of higher-level algorithms. The probability of being copied is even smaller.

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Therefore, fingerprints are copied only in theory, which is unlikely. If it happens, you can use it with confidence. But we also recommend that to ensure more security, if a foreign body is found in the fingerprint reading area during the fingerprint lock use, it should be removed immediately. The fingerprint should be re-registered.

9. What is the applicability of fingerprint recognition for smart door locks?

Fingerprints are inherent to people. In theory, anyone with fingerprints can use the fingerprint recognition function of smart door locks. Still, fingerprints are also unmistakable and fuzzy to ensure the safety and security of fingerprint recognition Convenience.

At present, according to the fingerprint status of mainstream people and the development and application of fingerprint algorithms, the fingerprint recognition function of smart door locks is generally suitable for people with relatively unmistakable fingerprints between 5-70 years old.

If the fingerprints are not clear or the fingers are too large, If it is dry, you can consider using other identification methods such as passwords to unlock, which is also very convenient.

10. Is the password of the smart door lock safe?

There are two types of password security. One is the length and strength of the password. Smart door locks generally have more than six digits, and bank cards also have six numbers. The practice has proved that the probability of being cracked is extremely low.

The mechanism of brute force cracking, when the password is entered a certain number of times incorrectly, the password smart door lock will be locked to prevent multiple cracking, so the smart door lock's password is safe from these two points.

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The other is password protection, such as virtual passwords and password theft. At present, we recommend that the length of virtual passwords should not exceed 50 times. At present, the smart door lock companies of mainstream domestic brands generally use 32 bits in length. It is safe within the security boundary.

As for password theft, we recommend that you change the password regularly and do an excellent job of self-protection of the password. Do not use a simple birthday or ID cards and other prominent information as the unlock password. Prevent password theft. On the whole, the password of the smart door lock is also safe.

11. Is the card unlocking function of the smart door lock safe?

Many media have reported on the copy security of the card swipe function, but the fact is that copying also requires a prerequisite, which is to obtain the card that can be unlocked; otherwise, it cannot be copied.

Therefore, protect it. The security of the card can significantly prevent the card from being copied. Simultaneously, smart door lock companies have developed a copy-preventing CPU card through several years of technology research and development and a large amount of investment.

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It is currently being adopted by some companies and will be widely promoted in the future industry.

12. What are the Internet functions and safety of smart door locks?

The networking function of smart door locks are introduced into smart door lock products with the rapid development of the Internet, smart home, IoT, and other industries. Users love it for its advantages in linkage, convenience, management, etc.

The general Internet functions can be divided into remote information interaction (lock unlock, lock information, etc.), unlock condition control (set unlock time, duration, etc.), multi-terminal linkage (safety product matching), smart home linkage (TV, air conditioner, lights, and other products) Linkage) and different major functional categories. Three aspects determine its security.

On the one hand, the information security of the lock, the transmission's information security, and the other end's information security (control terminal, cloud, etc.). It is a comprehensive security system, and whether the door lock is a smart door, Locks or mechanical door locks are locks that protect security.

Therefore, the security of smart door locks is the security of the lock first. At present, most smart lock manufacturers have designed security management software and security chips, and other hardware to solve information security—questions to ensure the lock's safety.

13. Can the smart door lock be opened remotely and directly?

Although the smart door lock's security is a system, the first is the lock's security. It is necessary to ensure the safety of the lock. On the one hand, it must start with technology and secure the lock's information security through technical means.

On the other hand, it must be physical. Start with the protection. Therefore, unless used in a specific place or under the premise of safety protection, it is not recommended to use the remote direct opening function.

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If remote opening is required, the remote authorization opening function can be used. Ensure the safety of the door lock can be virtually guaranteed.

14. Are there disadvantages to smart door locks?

Nothing is perfect, and smart door locks are no exception. Smart door locks with fingerprint recognition are currently applicable to people between 5 and 70 years old. At the same time, some fingerprints are not clear.

There are also certain shortcomings in the user experience, which are the room for improvement in current smart door lock products.

15. What are the types of smart locks?

Smart door locks are currently classified according to their appearance and usage. There are three types: push-pull smart door lock, smart door locks with handle, and fully automatic rear clutch.

What are the types of smart locks - Buy Smart Lock? Top 20 Smart Door Locks Question Need to Ask

  • The push-pull smart door lock uses one push and one pull to open and close the lock product.
  • Smart door locks with hand refer to the lock product that can be opened and locked by pressing and lifting the handle.
  • The rear clutch fully automatic type refers to the lock product that is opened and closed by the powerful rotation of the grip at the indoor end;

If distinguished by identification methods, smart door locks can be divided into fingerprint smart door lock, RFID card smart lock, password, face recognition, finger vein, etc.;

The lock body can be divided into the electronic lock body, automatic lock body, and mechanical lock body.

These categories can be crossed or interoperable. Generally, when purchasing, most of them are classified according to appearance and use.

16. Can a smart door lock be installed on the door of my house?

After nearly two decades of development, smart door locks have gradually adapted to domestic doors' current size and specifications. Most smart door lock companies have adapted most of the doors in the production process.

Models and specifications. Simultaneously, a group of installation service teams familiar with the door industry has been trained to adapt to different installation types.

But it is still recommended that before buying, be sure to communicate with the seller and fully communicate the original door locks' appearance and size specifications at home to facilitate the adaptation to the smart door lock product that is correctly installed.

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17. Where to buy smart locks?

Answer: With the rapid development of the Internet economy, there are more and more channels for commodity circulation. Therefore, there are more and more channels for purchasing smart door locks. There are online channels, including Amazon, eBay, and many other home appliances.

There are many well-known brands of smart door locks on sale, which is a critical purchase channel.

There are also many brands selling in offline home furnishing stores, building materials markets, specialty stores, community shops, and other channels, and smart door lock products can also be purchased, which is also an important purchase channel.

Users can buy smart lock products according to their consumption habits in the most convenient way.

18. What should I pay attention to when buying smart locks?

Smart door locks, as home entrance products, have higher product quality and service requirements than other products. Therefore, when buying smart locks, you must pay attention to the following points:

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  • First, you must buy branded products. Brand means the degree of protection. It is different, so you must buy well-known brand smart lock products; secondly,
  • Second, you must buy from regular merchants. You can only enjoy legal services when you buy from standard merchants;
  • Thirdly, service, because it is an entry-level product, service is zero tolerance.

That's why we should pay attention to service, not price. The service here include smart door lock installation and after-sales service, and they need to have the right level before they can be purchased.

19.How much do smart locks cost? Expensive or not?

Answer: Expensive and cheap is a relative topic and a matter of everyone’s knowledge of the product and attitude towards life.

If you don’t spend much for convenience and a better life experience, then it’s cheap; the extra. The money far exceeds the needs of life satisfaction, and if there is no strong demand, no matter how affordable it is, it is expensive.

Therefore, smart door locks are expensive and inexpensive. People in need will not mind spending a little money to buy the right products convenient and stylish to improve their life experience.

20. There are a lot of cheap smart locks. Can I buy them?

Answer: What you pay for is an eternal truth, so cheap has its limits. When the limit is exceeded, it will make a fuss about product quality and service, and smart door lock products are essential to quality and service.

cheap smart locks. Can I buy them - Buy Smart Lock? Top 20 Smart Door Locks Question Need to Ask

So it is strongly recommended not to buy smart locks that exceed the value limit. Most of these products are unbranded, unserviced, and unsupported companies with no technology.

Such a product purchase is not a good experience but a disaster. If you want to buy smart lock products, you must buy branded, serviced, and technically supported products. Only such products can ensure regular and orderly home life and enjoy the right product and service experience.

21. What is the steps of buying smart locks?

The following are the recommended steps to buy smart locks:

  • Make a budget and budget the smart door lock price.
  • Look at the smart door lock appearance and choose the one you like;
  • Look at the smart lock brands, and select the brand that suits you;
  • Look at the function, look at whether the product function can meet the needs of use;
  • Select the purchase channel, which channel you think is convenient;
  • Look at the quality. If you have the conditions, it is best to experience the experience and quality of the product on the spot;
  • Look at the service, Determine the installation requirements and after-sales service response time with the sales staff;
  • Look at the evaluation, online and online reviews, offline to read the reputation of the people who have used it;
  • Look at the smart lock installation service; after purchasing, be sure to look at the installation. Good smart door lock installers play a very critical role in user experience and product quality assurance.

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22. Can smart door locks be hacked?

Smart door locks do bring a lot of convenience to the personal space of the family, but, like any digital technology, smart locks can also be hacked. Especially when using WIFI and Bluetooth as a way to open the door, WIFI and Bluetooth are particularly vulnerable to hackers. If necessary, it is not recommended to turn on the Bluetooth and WIFI functions.

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