Smart Electronic Cabinet Lock

As one of the Professional Electronic Cabinet locks suppliers in China, ShineACS provide with electronic cabinet door locks for baby safety, kitchen, and a drawer for more than 5 years.

Our Electronic cabinet locks have been widely used in supermarkets, department stores, schools, libraries, entertainment venues, factories, institutions, hospitals, movie cities, swimming pools, beaches, subway stations, train stations, airports, and other public places.

When you go shopping with your family or friends, you will always encounter the problem that the items you carry are nowhere to be placed. At this time, the RFID Cabinet lock of the locker is essential.

(1) Small size can be easily hidden without attracting attention;
(2) The appearance design is simple and does not affect the overall beauty;
(3) No wiring is needed when using. It will not affect the use of other products;
(4) No need to change the battery frequently, very energy-saving and environmental protection;
(5) Electronic keypad cabinet locks Can protect smart lockers. When it is opened illegally, an alarm message will be issued.

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Smart Electronic Cabinet Lock: The Ultimate Guide

I know you’re looking for high quality or custom smart electronic cabinet lock.

Or probably, you want to learn more about electronic cabinet locks.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about electronic cabinet locks.

This guide has all information you’re looking for – keep reading.

What is Smart Electronic Cabinet Lock?

Generally, RFID cabinet locks, Bluetooth electronic cabinet locks, and password keyboard cabinet locks can be collectively referred to as smart electronic cabinet locks.

The electric cabinet lock is a smart cabinet locking device, which is operated by an electric device. Electric cabinet locks are sometimes independent, and their electronic control components are directly installed on the cabinet locks.

The cabinet with electronic lock can be connected to the access control system if it is used for cabinets, such as filing cabinets, sauna cabinets, lockers, kitchen cabinets and bath center locker, etc.

Smart electronic cabinet lock features:

  • Electronic cabinet door locks have many styles and excellent prices.
  • The panel comprises various high-grade zinc alloys, plastics, bronze, red bronze, titanium alloys, double-layer paint, and light-curing process, stainless steel wire drawing, super quality, stable performance, good hand feeling.
  • The emergency power supply of electrical cabinet locks is available to solve the emergency door opening problem in any emergency.
  • It can protect the smart locker. When it is opened illegally, it will send out an alarm message to solve theft and theft and strengthen user management.
  • Using 3 AA alkaline batteries for power supply, the voltage is insufficient to trigger an alarm, and the door can still be opened more than 20 times after the notice.
  • Single and dual cards can be set, and a universal card can open the door to realize a user management card. Professional technicians and standardized service guidelines make you more worry-free.
  • Small size hidden cabinet locks can be easily hidden without attracting attention;
  • The appearance design is simple and will not affect the overall appearance;
  • No wiring is required when using, which will not affect the use of other products;
  • No need to replace the battery frequently; very energy-saving and environmentally friendly;

Why do you need an electronic cabinet lock?

The best electronic cabinet lock system can help commercial organizations increase profits and enhance customer and user experience by eliminating traditional cabinet locks' limitations. In addition to providing more reliable protection, end users can also get more features. Here are some reasons why you need electronic cabinet door locks.

1. The electric cabinet lock can be hidden.

Some electronic cabinet locks can be integrated with cabinet drawer slide rails or installed independently in the cabinet door. We called this kind of cabinet lock hidden drawer locks.  Hidden cabinet locks have no electrical or wiring expertise. Plug-and-play components can be combined with new or existing cabinets and complement other security solutions, such as alarm or video surveillance systems. If needed, technical support and customization can be provided.

2. It is easy to use an electronic RFID cabinet lock.

If you use an electronic RFID cabinet lock, all you need to unlock the cabinet is to tap the smart card, key card, or wristband near the proximity card reader, and then the cabinet will open and automatically re-lock the cabinet when it is closed.

3. It is straightforward to manage the electronic lock key cabinet.

Even if the card is lost or stolen, the system administrator can add, change, or delete access rights in a few seconds. The electronic lock key cabinet token can be pasted onto the existing ID badge.

4. The smart electronic cabinet locking system can simplify the interaction between employees and customers and other users.

Sales assistants can unlock the display cabinet immediately to display the goods without finding the correct key, summon the supervisor or return the backstage while the customer is waiting or leaving.

This simplicity reduces inventory and product retrieval time and shortens the sales process. In non-retail environments such as hospitals, patients can keep their belongings safe but easy to access, and nurses can quickly use medicines and supplies and spend a few minutes a day taking care of patients.

5. The automatic function saves labor.

Automatic cabinet relocking eliminates laborious management checks to ensure that the electronic cabinet locks the cabinet. Automatic opening, easy closing, and touch release functions also improve convenience.

The advantages of the smart cabinet lock system can quickly add up. Technology continues to advance, bringing hope to any commercial organization that needs to protect and quickly access valuable content to extend functions and applications.

Companies that take full advantage of emerging trends will gain a vital competitive advantage in preventing losses and improving efficiency, which is good for the bottom line.

Smart electronic cabinet lock types

The main types of electronic cabinet locks include smart electronic combination cabinet lock, fingerprint cabinet lock, electronic RFID cabinet lock, Bluetooth cabinet lock, and digital cabinet locks

1. Combination cabinet lock:

It is a kind of smart electronic cabinet lock, which uses a series of numbers when opening.

resize,m fill,w 1382,h 578# - Smart Cabinet Locks

The electronic combination cabinet lock also has the features of safety, convenience, and fashion, but because it needs to remember the password, the combination cabinet lock is more suitable for the younger generation. The elderly and children may forget the password.

The current key cabinet combination locks on the market usually use a 4-digit or 3-digit key password. The keyboard can be divided into two modes: touch screen keys and physical keys.

To unlock the combination lock for cabinet with a password, it is necessary to enter the user password and remember the digital password. The password is used as the original matching basis.

When the user enters the password again, the system model matches. The combination electronic cabinet lock is automatically opened if it is entirely correct. The combination cabinet lock is automatically closed if the input is incorrect.

  • The key cabinet combination lock is made of zinc alloy material, strong, accurate, safe, and durable.
  • The installation is straightforward. It opens the wire hole, connects the panel and the electronic cabinet lock body line, and then uses two screws to fix the panel and the cabinet lock body directly.
  • Suitable for toolboxes, cabinets, drawers, mailboxes, school lockers, or any place where keys are not appropriate.
  • The access authority of the lost key only needs to be deleted from the system. If someone tries to use the key fraudulently, the cabinet lock will not open. Reduce the risk of anything being stolen. It is effortless to change the PIN code at any time.

Because combination cabinet lock needs to remember the password, it is more suitable for the younger generation. The elderly and children may forget the password.

If the power to the building is interrupted, the electronic cabinet lock will not work. Moreover, a combination lock for cabinet usually releases the slider on the door. If the door is closed and the door cabinet is locked by turning the key, the combination secret cabinet locks will not work.

2. Fingerprint cabinet lock

Fingerprint cabinet locks are the primary type of electronic biometric cabinet locks in the market.

resize,m fill,w 1212,h 668# - Smart Cabinet Locks

The safety, convenience, and fashion characteristics of fingerprint electronic cabinet locks have attracted consumers' attention from all walks of life. At present, fingerprint locks for cabinets are divided into semiconductor fingerprint heads and optical fingerprint heads.

The lock recognition rate of semiconductor fingerprint cabinets is high, the speed is fast, the volume is small, and it is safe; the optical fingerprint head technology is more mature, and the scratch resistance and stain resistance are slightly better.

The uniqueness and non-copy ability of fingerprints determine that biometric fingerprint cabinet locks are the most secure cabinet locks among all cabinet locks.

Open the cabinet lock through the user's fingerprint. By recording the fingerprint, the fingerprint is stored in the system database and supports multiple fingerprint entry.

When the electronic cabinet lock is needed, the finger recognition is placed, and the sensor obtains the fingerprint information for modeling and performs modeling with the original fingerprint of the database. When the matching degree meets the requirements, the cabinet can be unlocked.

Password and fingerprint unlocking cabinet locks are based on uniqueness. Both digital passwords and fingerprints have unique characteristics. Only when the requirements are met can the cabinet lock be unlocked.

  • Wide application range, easy to install on most wood boards, can be installed in the following cabinets: wardrobes, shoe cabinets, office cabinets, cash registers, drawers, safes, and concealed furniture.
  • Dual power supply solution, there is a Micro USB interface; if the battery is dead, you can plug in the power supply to power the cabinet lock. Micro USB is used with an Android mobile phone charger or power bank.
  • Low power consumption, the battery life is more than one year, and it will automatically remind when the battery power is low.
  • It is convenient to manage employees. The fingerprint system will not let anyone open the door, and only employees with a given fingerprint set can identify it.

For reasons such as greasy fingers or dirty fingerprint scanners, the biometric fingerprint cabinet lock does not take much time to recognize fingerprints. These are easy to solve. Now more and more scanners use semiconductor recognition, and the accuracy and recognition speed is continually improving.

3. RFID cabinet lock

RFID cabinet lock is an advanced intelligent product that can control the card's door opening range and authority when issuing the card. The induction door cabinet lock is an indispensable security electronic cabinet lock for hotels, guesthouses, leisure centers, golf centers, etc. It is also suitable for villas and families.

resize,m fill,w 1736,h 580# - Smart Cabinet Locks

The RFID electronic cabinet lock is a new type of smart cabinet. It adopts an inductive control system device. Standard components include RFID identifiers, electronic tags, display devices, Android central control systems, databases, touch panels, and automatic electronic control cabinet locks. Etc.,

Each component is connected with the host module. The data interface is opened, which can be combined and controlled with the internal network or the external network to realize automatic contactless management.

  • Many companies use RFID cabinet locks to improve business efficiency because they track cardholders and record their activities through smart card systems. Merchants can check the places where rooms are used irregularly and effectively allocate individual rooms based on the information collected on these cards.
  • They enable you to operate home security functions in ways that the homeowner cannot achieve with a critical cabinet lock. It allows them to complete more safe actions with less work.
  • Data tracking. Since a person carries an RFID card with him, the smart card system will record his actions. For example, when someone uses a card to enter a locked room, the system will record the person, date, time, and activities.
  • Secure data. Only when you use special equipment you can read the data on the RFID card. This function can ensure the safety of the data recorded on the chip.
  • Weatherproof. Because there is no exposed card slot, RFID keyless cabinet lock hardware is usually weatherproof.

One disadvantage of RFID cabinet locks is that the electric system may not operate normally in a power failure event. This may cause your door to be fully locked during the entire failure period, or it may cause the door not to lock correctly and remain open.

Most RFID door cabinet lock systems have a battery backup system as fault protection. There is a low power alarm system in the RFID door cabinet lock. The customer needs to replace the battery in time.

4, Bluetooth cabinet lock

Bluetooth cabinet lock is an intelligent electronic cabinet lock that uses mobile phone Bluetooth as the primary door-opening method.
Low power consumption and long standby time support close-range automatic cabinet lock.

resize,m fill,w 1348,h 674# - Smart Cabinet Locks

Without the mechanical key, the Bluetooth drawer lock supports triggering a Bluetooth signal to unlock the cabinet to reduce power consumption. Support multiple users to share the same cabinet unlocking authority, check cabinet lock records at any time, and replace the battery.

  • Mobile phone unlocking, convenient and quick
  • You can open the Bluetooth smart cabinet lock in the mobile Internet era by opening the mobile APP. It solves the problem that the traditional cabinet lock cannot open the cabinet lock remotely.
  • Strong adaptability, the signal is free from environmental interference.
  • The Bluetooth transmission speed is higher, the unlocking experience will be better, and the volume is smaller.
  • High security
  • Smart products are relatively quickly affected by the environment. Bluetooth security has standards for authentication, authorization, encryption, and data privacy. The Bluetooth intelligent cabinet lock does not have to be connected to the network all the time, which significantly reduces the chance of someone invading your house.

Cost, The price of a smart cabinet lock may be much higher than a standard cabinet lock and key system, and you may need a professional to install the cabinet lock and synchronize it to Bluetooth and WiFi. If the smart cabinet lock fails, its repair cost is also high.

5, Digital cabinet lock:

What is a digital cabinet lock? A digital cabinet lock is a small electronic cabinet lock suitable for fixing cabinets and drawers.

resize,m fill,w 1518,h 506# - Smart Cabinet Locks

By entering the code on the keyboard, you can access it instead of using keys. If you do not have a code, you will not access the cabinet or cabinet items.

The apparent benefit of keyless entry is that you don't have to manage keys. Keys are often lost and must be replaced when replaced. If the key is stolen, the entire cabinet lock may need to be replaced.

If you are managing many different keys and key holders, problems may arise. It is much easier to manage the access codes on the locks of digital locks for cabinets than to take hundreds of keys. Use the master password to delete and reset the user password.

  • Anti-prying: Because this cabinet with digital lock does not have a place to put the key, it can prevent thieves from breaking in because the anti-theft cannot pry the digital cabinet lock.
  • No keys: You do not have to carry a large number of keys, and the possibility of loss or theft is less.
  • Control: In a company building, you can control and restrict who enters which part of the building. Residents and landlords of apartments and apartments can also use a PIN code to control who can enter their room, reducing the risk of anything stolen.
  • Beautiful: The door key cabinet digital lock can adopt various fashionable colors, which looks smart and professional.
  • Forgot password: You may forget your password from time to time, it is easy to forget the PIN code of your locker, and it will annoy you when you are eager to enter the room.
  • Keep the digital cabinet lock clean: When the cabinet lock is used too often, the coating may begin to peel off, or dirty fingerprints may start to appear on the buttons. Keep the cabinet lock clean to prevent harmful personnel from discovering the code.
  • Power failure: A power source powers some digital door cabinet locks. If your house or building is powered off, the door cabinet lock will not work, restricting you from entering the building. In the event of a power failure, purchasing a mechanical cabinet lock or battery cabinet lock will not affect you.

How to choose an electronic cabinet lock?

Smart electronic cabinet locks refer to cabinet locks that are different from traditional mechanical cabinet locks and are more intelligent in user identification, safety, and management.

After all, electronic cabinet locks are not yet universally popularized technological products. What should we pay attention to when deciding to purchase and select?

1. Both appearance and function are emphasized.

Electronic cabinet locks are durable household goods and are used on various door panels.

The first principle of the appearance design of the smart cabinet lock is simplicity. Many electronic cabinet locks are designed to be very large, and the products are very luxurious. However, once installed, they often appear very abrupt and attract people with “unpredictable” minds.

2. Biometric fingerprint cabinet locks need to pay attention to safe use.

Because the reproduction technology of fingerprints and other biological characteristics

It's getting simpler. In other words, tangible encryption and decryption technology urgently need the support of new technologies. Otherwise, its security may not be reliable.

3. The material, structure, and precision of the mechanical cabinet lock core should be paid attention to.

If you choose a smart electronic cabinet lock product with a mechanical cabinet lock core

That determines the anti-theft performance of the mechanical cabinet lock core depends on three aspects: one is the material of the cabinet lock nail. The more challenging the material, the better; the second is the cabinet lock core structure. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages, several different. The combination of systems is far better than a single system; the third is processing accuracy. The higher the accuracy, the better.

4. Paying attention to security

The security of the locker is essential to the safe. Only when the security is high will the safety of the safe be better improved, and the documents in the safe can be guaranteed.

5. Paying attention to the electronic cabinet lock manufacturer's brand.

The brand of cabinet locks is essential. If brand awareness is not high, then if our brand awareness is heightened, there are more users, and the feedback of use is better. Therefore, the more they are sold, the more popular they are, to get everyone’s attention. Favorite. So brand awareness is also essential.

6. Paying attention to usability.

Nowadays, many electronic cabinet locks are relatively convenient to use, and the public will choose only convenient and safe ones. For example, electronic password cabinet locks, fingerprint cabinet locks, and facial recognition cabinet locks are all safe and convenient to use.

7. Paying attention to the electronic cabinet lock price.

Price is also significant. The different types of cabinet locks at different prices and the cost of cabinet locks varies greatly. When choosing, you should consider the price of cabinet locks before making judgments.

Many users may not find the electronic cabinet lock manufacturers after purchasing the product for some time or find irresponsible manufacturers due to lack of buying experience or only requiring low prices. Cabinet lock manufacturers may believe that improper use by users has resulted in non-maintenance or high prices for accessories.

The above is the entire content of how to choose the cabinet locks used in the safe. When selecting the electronic cabinet locks according to the situation, the electronic cabinet locks are also the most used cabinet locks for safes.

If the price is lower, you can choose traditional cabinet locks or mechanical cabinet locks, but the construction may be a little troublesome. Besides, if there is no requirement on the price, you can choose password cabinet locks, electronic cabinet locks, fingerprint cabinet locks, etc.

How to install cabinet lock?

Now let us introduce the actual process of installing cabinet locks. It's not very difficult, but it requires careful concentration.

1, Installing locks on cabinet doors

1) Align the cabinet lock plate along with the cabinet frame of the cabinet lock hook. It can be operated along the top, bottom, or side of the cabinet door. Position the cabinet lock plate so that the notch's edge faces outward to ensure that the cabinet lock can be caught and held when the door is closed.

resize,m fill,w 1170,h 658# - Smart Cabinet Locks

2) Mark the screw holes on the lock plate of the cabinet with a pencil. Remove the cabinet locking plate and drill a hole in each pencil mark. Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the size of the drill bit, or make sure that the drill bit's width is slightly smaller than the screws provided with the cabinet lock. This allows the screws too firmly fix the cabinet locking plate to the cabinet frame without splitting the wood. want

resize,m fill,w 1162,h 654# - Smart Cabinet Locks

3) Reinstall the cabinet lock plate and align the screw holes. Tighten the screws into each screw hole to secure the cabinet locking plate in place.

resize,m fill,w 1180,h 664# - Smart Cabinet Locks

4) Measure the distance from the side edge and top of the cabinet to the installation cabinet's locking plate. Measure and mark the same space on the back of the cabinet door to ensure that the cabinet lock and the cabinet lock plate are aligned—Mark, the measurement with a pencil to determine the correct location.

resize,m fill,w 1184,h 666# - Smart Cabinet Locks

5) Align the electromagnetic cabinet lock with the pencil mark. Lock the screw holes on the inside of the cabinet door through the cabinet. Remove the cabinet lock and drill a hole in each pencil mark.

6) Reinstall the cabinet lock and align the screw holes. Add and tighten screws in each screw hole to hold the cabinet lock firmly in place.

resize,m fill,w 1176,h 662# - Smart Cabinet Locks

7) Close the cabinet door so that the electromagnetic cabinet lock is stuck to the cabinet locking plate. You will not see any part of the cabinet lock. Push the magnetic key to the outside of the cabinet door with the cabinet lock. This will trigger the magnet unlocking in the cabinet lock inside the cabinet.

Check our installing cabinet locks video


2, How to install cabinet locks on a drawer?

If you have a drawer to store personal and private items (such as diaries), you may need to add a locker to the drawer to prevent others from entering. Installing a paddle lock may add appeal to your cabinet or dresser. The cylindrical cabinet lock is small, easy to install, and has a good appearance when installed in a drawer. Measure the width of the drawer to purchase the correct size drawer lock.

Check our installing cabinet locks on a drawer

1) Confirm the installation location
First, determine the installation position of the cabinet lock body and the cabinet lock. You must confirm that the cabinet lock tongue of the cabinet lock body is buckled in the cabinet lock button's slot.

resize,m fill,w 1146,h 644# - Smart Cabinet Locks

2) Fixed cabinet lock position
Use 3M glue and glue-free to fix the position of the cabinet lock.

resize,m fill,w 1142,h 642# - Smart Cabinet Locks

Before the nail-free glue is cured, the round double-sided tape plays a fixed role. Do not apply the nail-free glue on the double-sided tape.

resize,m fill,w 1154,h 648# - Smart Cabinet Locks

Determine the depth of the cabinet lock in the cabinet according to different cabinet types

resize,m fill,w 1148,h 646# - Smart Cabinet Locks

Measure the position of the cabinet lock installed on the drawer to determine the installation position of the cabinet lock body

resize,m fill,w 1184,h 666# - Smart Cabinet Locks

3) Determine the installation position of the cabinet lock body
For such a cabinet type, measure the distance from the cabinet lock to the bottom of the cabinet and the distance to the side

Determine the corresponding height and position of the cabinet lock body according to the measurement cabinet lock and installation position, and ensure that the cabinet lock body is aligned with the cabinet lock button during installation.

resize,m fill,w 1190,h 670# - Smart Cabinet Locks

4) Determine the position of the cabinet lock body
Ensure that the cabinet lock tongue of the cabinet lock body can be buckled in the slot of the cabinet lock buckle, and then fix the cabinet lock body

resize,m fill,w 1174,h 660# - Smart Cabinet Locks

5) Trial opening
After completing the installation, you can open the cabinet lock to confirm the installation is correct and then close the drawer.

How do you unlock a cabinet lock without the key?

how to remove cabinet lock?

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